SML House

Our design is meticulously thought, yet at the same time flexible in its composition. We carefully analyzed possibilities offered by prefabricated modules, so they can be arranged according to the preferences of the client. That’s why we named our prototype “SML”, which stands for the letters used for the size of clothes (small, medium and large).

Each prefabricated module integrates, in a “single piece”, three functions whose relative position can be adapted or re-worked: a living area, a storage (or integrated furniture) and an outdoor-connected courtyard. The courtyard contributes to the general quality of the space, as well as it enhances intimacy in or in between indoor areas. It also enables a better control of ventilation and sun exposure. Each module represents a “minimal living space” easily transportable once assembled. It has a size of 1.85 m x 7.80 m, and offers four alternative arrangements or configurations for the courtyard (within the storage widths). Storage is inserted in the facade’s thickness, and therefore contributes to the insulation of the house.

The use of integrated PV -a relatively modern material- allowed us to integrate the PV panels and the exterior finishing. Corian® offers the advantage of easy handling: PV panels harmoniously adapt to the façade materials. We opted for a hybrid envelope which combines thermal collection and PV systems on one single technological plane, a feature that allows a perfect integration of both systems at all times.

  • DATE: 2010
  • CLIENT: CEU Universidad Cardenal Herrera
  • STATE: Finished
  • LOCATION: Moncada, Alicante. Spain.
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