The north-east of the province of Alicante on the Mediterranean holds a small town called El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. Diversity is one of the most characteristic elements of this municipality, and a population with 70% international residents makes it a rich and cultural environment.

Freeing the space above ground level has been one of the starting premises that has led us to an integrated architectural solution, simple and attractive, which will be the iconic reference of its visitors. The proposal allows the town to have a space for leisure and meeting outside, a key characteristic of the multiculturalism of its inhabitants.

The building responds to an environment of residential buildings where the proposal rests in a delicate and respectful manner. A pure and simple volume emerges on an L shape, adapting to the dividing walls of the adjoining buildings, looking for the alignments of the existing structures, generating a sloping roof.

A skin is projected for closing the block, both on facades and on the roof, which will close the geometry of the land, obtaining an integrated and silent volume.

  • DATE: 2016
  • CLIENT: Ayuntamiento del El Poble Nou De Benitatxell
  • STATE: Not built
  • LOCATION: El Poble Nou De Benitatxell, Valencia. Spain.
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