Since its founding in 2012, DRM Arquitectos has developed and participated in numerous projects in different fields of architecture, from detached houses to large infrastructures such as developments, science buildings and national museums. We provide services in architecture, planning, interior design and landscaping, for both the public and private sectors.

While working on a project, the Studio takes into account building techniques and the correct use of materials, the culture of the place where the buildings are located, the needs and possibilities of the client and the adaptation and reinvention of programmes, always offering a comprehensive response that considers and weighs up all these aspects, setting out to achieve perfectly balanced buildings.

The experience of the studio includes the following fields:

-Residential (flats and houses)
-Office buildings
-Renovation of Historic Cultural Heritage
-Full renovation and restoration
-Urban design
-Interior design


We use the most advanced building techniques of the moment. Thanks to our research and ongoing training in our trade, we are also able to apply the latest advances, enabling our buildings to obtain the most demanding energy certificates. Environmental concerns, so prominent in recent years, do not represent a change in architectural proposals or the solutions to be adopted, but rather an encouragement to continue improving and incorporating value in our buildings.



To say that architecture is related to many other disciplines is as obvious as it is true. Other visual arts, building techniques, urban and environmental requirements, as well as economic circumstances, all come together in architecture. Therefore, architecture is continually required to evaluate the impact that each discipline will have on the end result.

This conditioning factor, the main characteristic of architecture, at the same time causes many of its problems. It is quite common for one of the aspects mentioned to appear more emphatically, and it is not unusual to find architects who privilege some aspects of the spectrum. To mention just a few, the history of the place, structural of constructive aspects, or the assimilation of the rural or urban landscape, have almost completely monopolized most architectural production in recent decades.

However, it is our conviction that architecture only experiences its most brilliant moments when its comprehensive nature prevails, and therefore success is guaranteed by the association between shape, construction and uses. In other words, reaching an independent and different reality on the basis of the exact synthesis of all the disciplines involved.

As architects, this unitary value has always been our main ambition, as a consequence of our respect for integration and the all-encompassing capacity of architecture. Most of our projects seek to exclude confusion and ambiguity, leading to the emergence of solutions that offer the elegance of the inevitable.

This attitude leads us to balance all the social consequences of our work carefully, trying to reconcile the desire for formal innovation with the spirit of service represented by the production of architecture.


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David Ruiz Molina

Architect / Building Engineer

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Alejandro López Platero

Architect Partner ( Madrid )

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José M. Plaza Serrano

Architect . Partner ( Valencia )

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Eusebio Salamanca

Building Engineer

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Héctor Lopez

Graphic designer and Web designer


Cristóbal García (CYD Gabinete): Ingeniero de Caminos canales y Puertos & Arquitecto

Diego López (CYD Gabinete): Ingeniero de la Edificación

Cristobal Ramirez Tena : Ingeniero de Caminos canales y Puertos & Arquitecto

Ángel Valero : Ingeniero de la Edificación