RB House

the structure

The apartment is on the tenth floor of a residential building located on the seafront in Torrevieja. A typology of square blocks, which generates narrow and elongated housing blocks with interior patios for lighting.

A fragmented distribution, the space was designed in two different areas creating an interior promenade.

The structure has been the concept of the project, the naturalness of the concrete material and the oak wood make the proposal a comfortable and simple space looking for the simplicity and cleanliness of the space.

The materiality of the structure itself is part of the aesthetics of the design, the concrete makes the space warmer and more dynamic. Custom furniture made of MDF lacquered in white. Oak wood flooring.

  • Architect: David Ruiz Molina
  • Collaborators: Juan Ignacio Piernas Terres
  • DATE: 2021
  • CLIENT: Gerardo Rodríguez Boj
  • Stastus: Built
  • Location: Torrevieja, Alicante
  • Photographer: David Frutos
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