The new building planned consists of two enclosed spaces of different dimensions for administrative premises, for a multipurpose room, storage and sanitary facilities for visitors to the cemetery. These enclosed constructions are interconnected with a covered corridor, which is accessed through a larger open space which is also covered, which serves as the general and main entrance to the cemetery. This cemetery entrance is through two large doors on both sides of the entrance atrium. The remaining intermediate space that these two road entrances generate is the rest and waiting area intended for the socialisation of the general public.

The project intends to:

– Rearrange and modernise the main entrance to the municipal cemetery of Torrevieja.

– Provide the necessary space for storage and service rooms for municipal workers in charge of maintaining the cemetery.

– Provide sufficient toilets for visitors to the cemetery.

– Arrange an office for entrance control and service to the general public.

It is a complex with an orthogonal, rectangular base, with elevation of two prismatic volumes, and an adjacent open exterior space, joined by a shared roof.

The volume of the building is the result of optimising the intended functionality, considering the design parameters established for this intervention and the conditions of the existing environment.

Pedestrian and vehicle access, from the outside to the inside of the cemetery, is through the doors on both sides of the general entrance atrium. Once inside, access to the offices and other rooms is through the covered corridor located to the left of the new complex.

    • ARCHITECT: David Ruiz Molina
    • COLLABORATORS: Cristóbal García & Diego López ( CYD Gabinete)
    • DATE: 2021
    • CLIENT: Torrevieja City Council
    • status: In progress
    • LOCATION: Torrevieja, Alicante
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