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Proposal for the Rehabilitation of the Old Buildings “La Química”

Torrevieja City Council intends to highlight “Las Salinas de Torrevieja”, which have various elements of outstanding natural or heritage value, which are currently in disuse and which could be made available for public use, given the high interest they arouse in society and the great tourist appeal that they possesses. However, this proposal must be compatible with the industrial activity that is carried out, which is an aspect that will be a determining factor to consider.

With the aim of promoting the salt industrial zone and more specifically the potential tourist attraction for the city of Torrevieja, an intervention of rehabilitation and enhancement of the existing buildings in a state of abandonment and the adjoining outdoor areas of high scenic value is proposed, all of this based on some guiding ideas that will entail the full revaluation of the area:

-The comprehensive revaluation of the territorial landscape system without having an aggressive environmental impact.

-The commitment to a tourist positioning that promotes the city of Torrevieja as a leading Mediterranean destination of reference at a national and international level.

-The improvement of the living conditions of inhabitants, residents, and tourists of Torrevieja.

-Adaptation to climate change and preservation of natural, land and marine systems.

-Las Salinas de Torrevieja, an advanced digital space for everyone.

-A soft intervention at the landscape level that values the environment and the salt industry.

-Rehabilitation of existing buildings in a sensitive and sustainable way, notable uses including: Thalassotherapy Centre, Salt Interpretation Centre, Mud Processing and Research Centre, and Salt Art School.


    • ARCHITECTS: David Ruiz Molina & Alejandro López Platero
    • DATE: 2023
    • CLIENT: Torrevieja City Councila
    • status: En progreso
    • LOCATION: Torrevieja, Alicante
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