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Lopera House

the geometry of simple lines creates an attractive volume

The Lopera House is a single-family home in a neighborhood with single- and multi-family housing in northern Pozoblanco, located in Cordoba, Spain.

Three fundamental ideas are at the core of the design: natural light, entrance through a garden, and openness while retaining privacy. On a north-east-oriented plot, the H-shaped house, articulated by two courtyards, allows natural light to penetrate into every interior and exterior space. A pure and clean geometry enhances the massive nature and privacy of the proposal. The entry opens into a light-filled central courtyard, where a vertical garden has been designed as a new interpretation of the traditional patio of Andalucia.

The search for simplicity and privacy gives the project a pure and radical character where the geometry of simple lines creates an attractive volume. While utilizing the typical white color of the town, the façade’s setbacks and projecting shades create a dynamic elevation with the changing daylight. This light composition sits on a heavy granite base, accentuating the home’s privacy and idea of stability. The sloped roof also enhances the street corner, creating a unique interior double-height space. The roof skylights enrich the interior lighting, creating a series of bright and beautiful spaces.

The house’s core is located in its center, simply distributing air and water to all spaces. The ground floor consists of a garage, kitchen, powder room, storage, and washing area. The upper level consists of a study-library, master bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, and two guest rooms with a bathroom.

Custom-designed furniture uniquely compliments the architecture, creating clean and clear spaces. A high level of detail and integration was the central idea to create a beautiful, holistic aesthetic.



  • Architect: David Ruiz Molina
  • Collaborators: Alfonso Díaz & Eusebio Salamanca
  • DATE: 2017
  • CLIENT: Elisa Lopera Lopera
  • STatus: Built
  • LOCATION: Pozoblanco, Córdoba
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