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Chip & Chop  House

the answer is in inside

The Chip&Chop House is a single-family home in a neighborhood with single- and multi-family housing in northwest Pozoblanco, located in Cordoba, Spain.

The answer is inside. The house’s textured white mortar walls give it the appearance of a bunker, but the interiors are actually light-filled. A pure and clean geometry enhances the massive nature and privacy of the proposal.

The experience of looking at through all of the house’s spaces, even the most private spaces like the bathroom, is the main idea of the project, ” see and be seen ” around the house.

The internal layout of the building as a U-shape, gives the spaces around a central courtyard with rooms opening to private patio in a intimate environment. The living rooms are around a void, that collects light through the courtyard

The search for simplicity and privacy gives the project a pure and radical character where the geometry of simple lines creates a massive volume. The interior lighting, creating a series of bright and beautiful spaces. The surfaces inside are all white, making a minimalist space for contemplative thought.

The house’s core is located in its center, simply distributing air to all spaces. The ground floor consists of an entry, living room-kitchen, main bedroom, bathroom, powder room, storage, and washing area. The upper level consists of a study-library with a terrace and bathroom.

    • Architect: David Ruiz Molina
    • Collaborators: Eusebio Salamanca
    • DATE: 2021
    • CLIENT: Rosalía & Verónica
    • Status: built
    • LOCATION: Pozoblanco, Córdoba
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