Torres House

Corner apartment of 100 m2, located in the town of Torrevieja (Alicante), in an environment of multi-family housing in the urban center of the city with a South-East orientation.

Circulation-Connectivity: the program consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large space composed of kitchen-dining-living room. Sunlight and optimal use of the different spaces of the program were the main components of the proposal.

Integration-Simplicity: simplifying the circulations and integration of all the furniture generate clean and pure spaces resulting in a fluid and fun atmosphere.

Storage: four pieces of storage organize the space. One big closet in each bedroom, the kitchen and the bench-cabinet have been identified with the same material.

The Teaching wall: A wall made of magnetic boards is projected where you can draw, write and hang photos, it is the area of the apartment where memories and knowledge must flow.

Tectonic: two materials have been used mainly, microcement in pavements and walls of bathrooms, wood in custom pieces and wall cladding and also MDF lacquered in white.

Customization: all the furniture has been designed to optimize the space as much as possible, pieces like the sofa or the bench-cabinet have generated richer and more generous spaces.

  • Architect: David Ruiz Molina
  • Collaborators:
  • Date: 2018
  • Client: María Torres
  • Status: Completado
  • Location: Torrevieja, Alicante
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