ilynko coworkingspace


iLynko Co-working space, located in the city center of Torrevieja. The space is developed in a mezzanine with great geometric and constructive clarity.

An open floor plan is projected with a multi-position area and a multifunctional room, an organizing nucleus of the space will be two meeting rooms. The search for the free plan and the visual and spatial fusion are the generating elements of the project.

Materiality is the fundamental element of the proposal, using natural materials such as wood, brick, an allegory of industry and crafts. It is the essence of a workshop that is to be transmitted in this space where collaborative ideas arise. An industrial concept that will make its users have a more traditional feel.

  • ARCHITECT: David Ruiz Molina
  • DATE: 2020
  • Client: iLynko
  • STATUS: Built
  • LOCATION: Torrevieja, Alicante
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