Corner single-family home, located in the town of Pozoblanco, the capital del Valle de los Pedroches in Córdoba, in an environment of single-family and multi-family homes in the new expansion to the north of the town.

With a south-east orientation, an H-shaped plan scheme is projected, the projection of the patios allows light gets in all spaces. A pure and clean geometry enhances the mass character and privacy of the proposal.

The search for simplicity and privacy makes the project have a pure and radical character where the geometry of simple lines provides us with an attractive volume. The projection of the setbacks on the façade, a latticework of aluminum profiles, light and time generates a dynamic façade by projecting shadows on the typical white color of the city of Pozoblanco, that rests on a granite base.

The interior space of the house is articulated through the two courtyards, the double-height core positioned in the center of the house distributes all the rooms. Program that takes place on the ground floor: entrance, kitchen, dining room, toilet, two bedrooms, bathroom, warehouse, laundry area, garage and on the upper floor study-library and two offices.

Custom designed furniture, integrated with the architecture, generating clean and functional spaces. A high level of detail and integration was the central idea to create a beautiful and comfortable aesthetic.

    • ARCHITECT: David Ruiz Molina & Alejandro López Platero
    • COLLABORATORS:  Fernando Rodríguez & Eusebio Salamanca
    • DATE: 2023
    • CLIENT: Fernando & Mati
    • status: En progreso
    • LOCATION: : Pozoblanco, Córdoba.
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