AF House is a single-family home between party walls in a neighborhood of single-family and multi-family homes in the northeast of Pozoblanco, located in Córdoba.

The entire house is organized around a central courtyard, with a facade of pure and clean geometry that enhances the massive nature and privacy of the proposal.

A new interpretation of the typical Andalusian balcony together with large shutters establishes a beautiful and dynamic façade. The window and entrance door to the house are hidden in a lattice of wooden slats, this generates a simplicity in the compositional criteria of the façade.

The internal distribution of the U-shaped building, we obtain spaces around a central patio with rooms that open onto a private courtyard in an intimate setting. Different uses are generated around a courtyard that collects light through it.

The search for simplicity and privacy gives the project a pure and radical character where the geometry of simple lines creates a massive volume. Interior lighting generates bright and beautiful spaces. The interior surfaces are all white, creating a minimalist space for contemplative thought.Native stone granite, lime mortar and natural wood are the main materials of the proposal.

The core of the house (courtyard) is located in its center, distributing ventilation to all spaces. The house on the ground floor consists of an entrance, two bedrooms, bathroom, patio and garage, connected to the dividing house, living room-kitchen-dining room, walkway and study on the first floor, master bedroom, bathroom, powder room, facilities and laundry area. The upper level consists of three bedrooms with two bathrooms.

    • ARCHITECT: David Ruiz Molina
    • COLLABORATORS: Eusebio Salamanca
    • DATE: 2022
    • CLIENT: Antonio Fermin
    • status: En progreso
    • LOCATION: Pozoblanco, Córdoba
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